Wednesday, January 25, 2012

In Which my Head Explodes

I know Halloween was months ago but I've got to get this off my chest.  Why, oh why are Halloween Costumes so sexist?  I was so angry as walked up and down the clearance costume aisles of Target that I was literally sick to my stomach and shaking.  What sort of message is Target trying to send to little girls?  Now I am not so extreme that I won't admit that some costumes are (for the most part) gender specific.  I get that little girls want to be Princesses and that little boys probably don't.  I don't fault costume companies for that.  What I do take issue with is the designs of costumes that should be much more gender neutral.

Take "Cowboy" for example.  The boy costume is cute and functional, but what in the heck is up with the fringed mini-skirt?  I'm sure that'll be great for riding horses.  And it is not just the costumes.  The boy costume is called, "Boy Cowboy Costume"  but the girl gets to be a "Cowgirl Diva".  Just what I want for my 4 year old.

And then there were the pirate costumes.  Both my daughter and son love pirates.  Once again, the boy costume was very cute.  Lil' Buddy could be a "Pirate King" but Miss M . . . she could be a "Pirate Cutie" at best and a Pirate . . . Hooker(?) at worst.  

These costumes make my head explode.  And the examples were endless.  Little girls should not be sexy.   Please don't force my little girl to pick between a Cutie and a Diva.  She is so much more than that.  And my son needs to know that girls are more than that.  Granted, it is my job to teach them but Target (and every other retailer of Halloween costumes) is making my job that much harder.

Of course, the only reason they carry costumes like that is because people buy them.  So fellow citizens of the world: Do Not Support This.  Girls are so much more than Divas, Cuties and Princesses.


  1. I know what you mean. When I was young my mom would not let me wear the "hottie" shirts that I wanted to wear so badly. And also when people would say "Oh your daughter is so pretty" my Mom would respond with "and smart too!" :)

  2. AMEN, sister! "Skanky" should not come in 3T. I have two daughters and a son, and I've come to appreciate gender-neutral costumes. Which mostly mean animal costumes. Love your blog. Denise

    1. Thanks, Denise. And "skanky" should definitely not come in 3T or any kid size. And unfortunately you are not safe with animal costumes. I spent hours looking for a Kitty costume in size 5T--but pretty much my only option was Sex Kitten. ugh!