Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hidden Dangers From Sharing Smartphone Pictures Online

Parents, if you haven't already, turn off the GPS setting on photos from your smartphone that you post online. Click here for a great explanation about how metadata stored in photos can easily share details that you may not want to be sharing, including your home address.

Check out this alarming news report about how easy it is for someone to find out where you or your child lives, attends school, daycare, etc. 

Click here to get instructions on how to turn off the geotagging setting on different smartphone models. It's a pretty simple process. This site has more detailed instructions if you are having problems.

I am a little appalled that the factory setting for this isn't to have it turned off, since most people are not aware of what is being shared in metadata. Please pass along this information to other parents. 


  1. Well, Gee, News Program, thanks for doing this story and alerting all the creeps out there how to stalk children. Good thing I am a reverse technology snob and don't have a smart phone.

  2. Good thing I am poor and a little behind the times and don't have a Smartphone (you won't hear me say all of that often! Lol). Scary stuff!

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  4. Wow- thanks Janna Lynn! We are so flattered that you nominated us. I'll fill out the info later tonight when the kids are sleeping. Thank you!