Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome all Paranoid Parents!!!!

Welcome to our blog. We are two moms with one thing in common- we spend a lot of time worrying.

We worry about how much playdough/stickers/crayons/fill-in-the-blank that our kids have eaten. Poison control knows us by name. We worry about how we discipline our children, if we coddle them too much or not enough. We fret. We read the latest research and product reviews. We stalk Web M.D. when our kid has a rash, and freak ourselves out with descriptions about exotic diseases that could lead to certain death.

Parenting is an art, not a science. It can be hard.We've found that only one a few things help to keep our heads from exploding: reassurance from a rational person who isn't emotionally exhausted, reliable fact-based information, and chocolate. Also, knowing that other parents out there are in the same boat, and learning how they have dealt with it gives us encouragement. Hence, this blog.

Taylor is a stay-at-home mom to two kids ages five and three, a certified behavior analyst, and a bookworm. She loves star charts, Dr. Pepper, and has Poison Control on speed dial.

Rory is a slightly neurotic stay-at-home mom to three kids ages one, two and five. She enjoys writing and hiding from her kids in the closet while eating candy bars.

Send in your questions, share your experiences, and help us create a place where we can discuss our triumphs and failures, and hopefully learn something along the way.


  1. did you really start this blog on Jan 1 2011?

    1. No- we entered a bunch of old posts from our other blogs. We started it this week :) But we wrote these posts in the past and imported them over.

  2. This is very cool Rory! I think of you fondly whenever I attack a Hotsheet or E-News! Just sent one out today, whew~I can relax for awhile! They are getting meatier lately, but too many e-mails sent out clog up mailboxes, so we're stickin' with once/month for now.
    I love watching other moms tackle the daily life of raising little ones. Everyone says to enjoy it cause they grow so fast. When you're there, you think...ya, well this day can't end soon enough! I remember often my favorite part of the day was pulling back my inviting sheets and crawling in bed. I felt guilty for being happy the day was over. In time, I came to realize that "Guilt" often became my middle name as a devoted mama.
    Our 2 boys & 2 girls are growing up way too fast. Ages span from 9-16 and I'm shocked that my oldest son drives. Yes, they do grow fast and I wouldn't trade this job for all the tea in China (but maybe for all the wine in Italy or chocolate in Switzerland!)
    Overall, I'll seize the gift of motherhood over any glamour of wealth, prestige, business & travel. The responsibility of nurturing these young souls is awesome, powerful, humbling, exhausting, frightening...but in the end the biggest blessing imaginable. Relish these moments sweet lady, because the do grow up too quickly! I know you are! Melanie