Thursday, December 13, 2012

Guest Post: Photographing Your Family- Part 3

What Angle to Take the Picture From

There are three directions you can shoot from. Standing above the subject, at eye level and looking up. I generally don’t take photographs of men looking down at them. It isn’t masculine.

 Shooting down on women is very flattering. While this subject has no figure flaws it can be used to hide figure flaws on larger women. It is flattering on all women. This is a little exaggerated but it still works.

This boy was just so cute I had to throw him in to show you.

Eye level is great for everyone. It’s hard to remember to do with small children because you have to bend down so very far to get there. It’s well worth the trip.

 Eye level while people are doing something physical is very flattering and makes the subject look like they really know what they’re doing. It will improve your sports and action shots.

 You can put a child up on a table if you can’t get down but I prefer the floor. They’re safer there.

Eye level creates a lovely perspective.

Shooting up is fun too. It’s not a perspective we adults see very often so it is visually very interesting.

Have you ever seen a superman comic or a picture of superman? Of course you have. He is always taken from the perspective of the viewer being below him. Why? Because when we were small the people who were taller than us knew everything and could tell us what to do. This is a great angle to take men at as long as they don’t have an figure flaws. Particularly figure flaws in the chin area.

Shooting up is very visually interesting.

More photography tips from professional photographer Kim Barlow to come- stay tuned!

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