Thursday, December 27, 2012

Post-Christmas Clean up

Help! I'm drowning. In toys.

This year, Santa went a little crazy. My youngest got a plastic pool filled with those little plastic balls.

My daughter got a homemade Barbie house, a smaller dollhouse, and a bajillion dolls and accessories. All three kids were given a play kitchen from Cameron's aunt and uncle. Can you say spoiled?

My son got a plethora of legos and other sharp, pointy choking hazard plastic things.

The kids are ecstatic. We are tremendously blessed. It was the best Christmas ever.

Where am I going to put all  this stuff????

Pinterest to the rescue!!!!

I'd love to have a bunch of pottery barn baskets with chalk-board erasable labels fastened to them. But that's just not how I roll. The dollar store is more in my budget, and it doesn't disappoint. Check out some of these fun ideas using dollar store storage:

Ikea and Dollar store bins plus chalkboard labels

Plastic dollar store animals glued and spray painted onto jar lids. I could see doing this with legos or whatever you had stored in there so the kids who can't read know what the jar is for. 

I have a few of these plastic comforter/sheet holders for storage and I love them!

I love these storage tubs, and I think making a bin holder out of PVC is completely brilliant. PVC is cheap and you probably only need a hand saw and some special PVC glue to hack it. 

More PVC ideas
My kids would have fun with this one
I need this for my garage.

Shoe holders for Barbies

and other stuff...

Let's not forget to utilize all that space under the bed. Here are instructions for making this under the bed storage trunk from a single sheet of 1/2 inch plywood. 

I love Ana White's laundry basket dresser- it inspired the closet makeover we did in my daughter's room and it is so functional. And affordable. Laundry baskets make for great storage.

I also think an important part of embracing motherhood means not submitting to the notion that my house needs to look perfect. It's messy. There is a play kitchen and a dollhouse where my buffet use to be. It may not be magazine-ready but it's more fun that way. 

A purge of the largely neglected toys is next on the agenda. 

How do you handle the post-Christmas clean up? 


  1. I asked my girls this morning "How big is your playbin? Is it getting bigger?" The four-year-old figured it out first..."No!" Alright then. If you want these new toys to be in that bin, there needs to be more room- we're going to take out the toys you DON'T play with any more, so you can keep these ones. They helped me go through the toys today :)

  2. I love the animal jars! And it seems so very easy to make. :)